A Comprehensive Guide to CSC Login and Digital Seva Access

CSC Login

CSC, commonly known as Common Service Center or Jan Seva Kendra, plays a crucial role in providing affordable access to a variety of online services, including banking, certificates, and e-governance, to users. Through CSC, individuals can apply to become a Village Level Entrepreneur (VLE), offering services in rural areas and sustaining their livelihoods.

To become a VLE, one needs to be over 18 years old, have at least a 10th-grade education, and possess basic knowledge of language and computers. A-TEC certificate is required, and interested individuals can apply for it. CSC Login/Jan Seva Kendra enables users to access services such as insurance, banking, certificates, Aadhaar, PAN cards, and more in rural areas.

In this article, we will delve into the detailed process of CSC Login registration, empowering individuals to seamlessly navigate the subsequent CSC login. Discover how these centers contribute to rural development and individual empowerment, making essential services accessible to all.

  • If you’ve completed your CSC registration and are eager to log in, follow these steps:
  • Start by visiting the official Digital Seva website at digitalseva.csc.gov.in for CSC Login.
  • Once on the website, look for the option that says CSC Login and click on it.
  • After clicking on Login, a page will open where you can enter your username, email, password, and other details in the provided boxes to log in.

How to Reset Your CSC Login Password?

If you’ve forgotten your password while trying to log in, you can reset your CSC password by following these steps:

Go to the Login page on the Digital Seva website and click on the Login option.

After clicking on Login, look for the option that says Forget Password at the bottom and click on it.

After that, a new page will open where you can create a new password using your username, email, and captcha.

If you encounter any login or password-related issues, you can seek assistance from the CSC Helpline. Here are the contact details:

Email – [email protected]

Toll-Free Number – 1800 121 3468

The Complete Process of PMJAY CSC Login

To log in for the Pradhan Mantri Ayushman Bharat Yojana, you need to follow these simple steps:

Start by visiting the official website of PMJAY.

Once on the PMJAY website, locate and click on the PMJAY CSC Login button.

This will open a new webpage where you can enter your details and log in to PMJAY CSC by providing the required information.

  • The Complete Process of CSC UTI Login
  • To log in to CSC UTI, follow these steps:
  • Begin by clicking on the link to the official website.

After clicking on the official website for CSC UTI Login, a new webpage will appear.

On this page, click on the “Click Here” button. This action will take you to the CSC UTI Login page, where you can enter your information and successfully log in.

The Benefits of CSC

  • Information Access to All Remote/Rural Citizens:
  • Ensuring information reaches all citizens in remote or rural areas.
  • Distribution of Public Services – G2C and B2C:
  • Facilitating the distribution of government-to-citizen (G2C) and business-to-citizen (B2C) public services.

ICT Facilities for Social Empowerment of Marginalized Individuals:

Providing information and communication technology (ICT) facilities for the social empowerment of marginalized individuals in rural areas.

CSC as a Social Change Agent:

Serving as a catalyst for social change by promoting rural entrepreneurship.

E-Governance and E-Services:

Establishing access to e-governance and e-services, ranging from market information (e.g., e-agriculture) to banking, insurance, travel, postal services, and various government services.

Facilitating Quality Education and Skill Upgradation:

Offering facilities for quality education and skill upgrading, among other benefits.

What Does CSC Do?

  • Common Service Centers offer a variety of services, including the following:
  • G2C (Government to Consumer):
  • Avail services provided by the government.
  • B2C (Business to Consumer):
  • Access services from businesses to consumers.
  • B2B (Business to Business):
  • Engage in business-to-business transactions.
  • Under G2C services, you can benefit from the following through CSC:
  • Obtain a passport through CSC.
  • Enroll in insurance programs.
  • Complete CSC eDistrict registration.
  • Facilitate various government and non-government tasks.
  • Register for PMJAY CSC Login (Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya Yojana).

Obtain birth certificates, death certificates, and more.

Apply for Aadhaar cards, and PAN cards, and submit application forms for government schemes.

Access e-citizen and e-district services, including pension services, NIOS registration, and various other services provided by the center.

B2C (Business to Consumer)

Under B2C (Business to Consumer), various services are offered, including:

English Spoken:

  • English language learning services.

IRCTC (Railway Ticket Booking), Bus Ticket Booking, Hotel Booking:

  • Facilitating services such as railway and bus ticket booking as well as hotel reservations.

E-commerce Sales:

  • Engaging in online commerce transactions.

Agricultural Services:

  • Providing services related to agriculture.

E-Learning Courses:

  • Accessing online learning courses.

Tele-entrepreneur Courses:

  • Offering courses for tele-entrepreneurship.

Financial Services:

  • Availing financial services.

Digital Payments (Digipay):

  • Engaging in digital payment services.

Loan Services:

  • Accessing loan services.
  • Banking Services, etc.
  • B2B (Business to Business)
  • Under B2B (Business to Business), the following services are provided:

Marketing Research:

  • Conducting marketing research.
  • Rural BPO (Data Collection and Digitization), etc.

Providing services such as data collection and digitization in rural areas.

CSC Registration Process

Before logging in to CSC, it is crucial to complete the CSC registration process. The detailed steps for CSC registration are provided below, emphasizing the importance of understanding the entire process before initiating CSC registration.

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Eligibility to Open CSC:

To open a Common Service Center (CSC), candidates need to fulfill the following criteria:

  • The applicant must be at least 18 years old and a rural youth.
  • The candidate should have passed the 10th-grade examination from a recognized board, which is the minimum educational qualification required for opening a CSC Login.
  • The applicant must be dedicated to fulfilling their duties with utmost commitment.
  • Proficiency in reading and writing in the local language is essential, along with a basic understanding of the English language.
  • Additionally, the applicant should have basic knowledge of using a computer.
  • The applicant must possess a valid VID (Virtual ID) and PAN card.

Understanding and meeting these eligibility criteria is vital before embarking on the CSC registration journey.

Essential Infrastructure for CSC Registration

In addition to the mentioned eligibility criteria, the applicant must have the following infrastructure to effectively provide services to users:

  • The applicant’s PC should have a licensed operating system, such as Windows XP-SP2 or later versions.
  • A minimum of 120 GB hard disk drive is required for the applicant’s PC.
  • The PC should have a minimum of 512 MB RAM.
  • The applicant should have a CD/DVD drive.
  • A UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) with a battery backup of at least 4 hours or a portable generator set is essential.
  • The applicant should possess a printer/color printer and a scanner.
  • A webcam/digital camera is required for the applicant.
  • An internet connection with a minimum speed of 128 Kbps for browsing and data uploading is necessary.
  • Additionally, for banking services, the applicant must have a biometric/IRIS authentication scanner.

Having this infrastructure is crucial for the smooth functioning of the CSC and for providing quality services to the users.

How to Start a Common Service Center (CSC)?

A Common Service Center (CSC), also known as Jan Seva Kendra in common language, is a platform where VLE (Village Level Entrepreneur) and users connect, and VLE provides services to users. Anyone who wants to open a Common Service Center (CSC) and fulfills all the eligibility criteria can apply for a CSC in their area. The entire process of opening a Jan Seva Kendra is detailed below.

CSC Registration Online 2022 – Apply for CSC Digital Service Center

If any candidate is interested in applying after meeting the eligibility criteria mentioned above, they can follow the steps below for CSC VLE registration:

  • Visit the official CSC website register.csc.gov.in.
  • Click on the “Apply” option in the top menu bar.
  • After clicking on “Apply,” a sub-menu will appear where you need to click on “New Registration.”
  • Upon clicking on “New Registration,” a new page will open, presenting you with two options: CSC VLE and SHG (Self Help Group). Choose the one you want to apply for, enter your mobile number, and submit.
  • Next, you will be asked for the TEC (Telecentre Entrepreneur Course) certificate number.
  • Enter your mobile number, fill in the captcha code, and submit.
  • You will receive an OTP on the provided mobile number. Enter the OTP and submit the requested information in the subsequent steps.

It’s important to note that for CSC application, the government now requires the Telecentre Entrepreneur Course (TEC) certificate. The TEC Registration process is detailed below.”

(Note: The detailed TEC Registration process is not included in the provided text.)

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How to Apply for the Telecentre Entrepreneur Course (TEC) Certificate?

  • To apply for the Telecentre Entrepreneur Course (TEC) certificate, follow these steps:
  • Visit the official website and click on the “Apply” option.
  • Look for the “TEC Certificate” option and click on it.
  • Clicking on it will redirect you to the cscentrepreneur.in website.
  • Fill in the registration form carefully on this website.
  • After completing the form, submit it and deposit the application fee.
  • Once you complete the TEC course, you will receive the Telecentre Entrepreneur Course (TEC) certificate.

After the TEC certificate, you can proceed to apply for CSC.

How to Check CSC Registration Status?

To track the status of your CSC online application, follow these steps:

Visit the CSC Portal, where you’ll find the option “CSC Track Application” below.

Click on “CSC Track Application,” and a new page will open. Enter your “CSC Application Reference Number” and captcha, then click on submit.

  • Your CSC Registration Status will be displayed.
  • Types of CSC Digital Service Center Registration:
  • There are three types of CSC Digital Service Center registrations:
  • CSC VLE (Village Level Entrepreneur)
  • Self-Help Group (CHP)
  • RD (Rural Distribution)


Q. What is the official website for CSC Login?

A. The official website for CSC Login is https://digitalseva.csc.gov.in/.

Q. What does CSC stand for?

A. CSC stands for Common Service Centres, also known as Jan Seva Kendra in Hindi. It provides citizens with the benefits of various online services.

Q. Who is eligible for CSC?

A. Applicants for CSC should have passed the 10th-grade exam from a recognized board, be proficient in reading and writing in the local language, and have basic knowledge of English and computers.

CSC, commonly known as Common Service Center or Jan Seva Kendra, plays a crucial role in providing affordable access to a variety of online services, including banking, certificates, and e-governance, to users. Through CSC, individuals can apply to become a Village Level Entrepreneur (VLE), offering services in rural areas and sustaining their livelihoods. To become…

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