A ​Guide to ​Online Registration for ​Digital Gramin ​Seva Centers in ​2023

Digital Gramin ​Seva

Digital ​Gramin Seva Registration ​2023: The ​Government of India ​is actively ​promoting digitization by ​introducing various ​online service portals. ​Recently, it ​launched the Digital ​Gramin Seva ​portal with the ​aim of ​providing citizens with ​multiple services ​on a single ​platform. This ​initiative allows educated ​youth across ​the country to ​open service ​centers and offer ​various services ​to the public.

​In this ​article, we provide ​detailed information ​on how to ​open a ​Digital Seva Center, ​the online ​registration process for ​Digital Gramin ​Seva, income opportunities ​through the ​center, the benefits ​of Digital ​Gramin Seva Kendra, ​the cost ​of opening a ​center, and ​the services offered ​under the ​Digital Seva Kendra. ​Explore the ​world of Digital ​Gramin Seva ​and discover how ​you can ​contribute to the ​digital transformation ​of rural areas.

​What is ​a Digital Seva ​Kendra? | ​Register for Digital ​Gramin Seva ​Online

A Digital ​Seva Kendra ​is an online ​portal where ​the government has ​consolidated various ​services. This allows ​rural residents ​to access different ​services without ​having to travel ​from one ​place to another. ​By visiting ​their local Digital ​Seva Kendra, ​residents can register ​online and ​gather information to ​avail the ​benefits of various ​government schemes ​within their own ​villages.

The ​government has initiated ​Digital Seva ​Kendras with the ​aim of ​empowering educated unemployed ​youth in ​rural areas to ​start their ​own businesses. These ​centers offer ​the opportunity to ​earn between ​INR 50,000 to ​1,00,000 per ​month and provide ​online services ​to the community. ​Any educated ​individual in the ​country can ​start their own ​business by ​opening a Digital ​Seva Kendra ​in their area, ​contributing to ​the digital transformation ​and economic ​growth of their ​community.

The ​Purpose of Digital ​Gramin Seva ​Kendra | Registering ​for Gramin ​Seva Kendra

The ​central government ​is continuously advancing ​the process ​of digitization to ​bring various ​services and facilities ​to people ​online. In this ​endeavor, a ​variety of online ​portals have ​been launched, including ​the initiation ​of the Digital ​Gramin Seva ​Kendra for rural ​citizens. Through ​this portal, various ​schemes and ​services of both ​the central ​and state governments ​will be ​integrated online.

To ​avail of the ​benefits of the ​services provided ​by the Digital ​Gramin Seva login ​Kendra, individuals need ​to register ​and obtain a ​registration ID ​through this portal. ​Once registered, ​they can access ​the services ​offered under the ​Digital Gramin ​Seva Kendra. Opening ​a Digital ​Gramin Seva Kendra ​is a ​golden opportunity for ​educated youth ​in rural areas, ​allowing anyone ​in the village ​to start ​their own business ​by opening ​a center.

How ​to Earn ​from Digital Gramin ​Seva Kendra?

​Before starting any ​business, it’s ​common to have ​questions about ​income and the ​expenses involved. ​If you’re interested ​in starting ​a Digital Gramin ​Seva Kendra ​in your village, ​you can ​earn between INR ​50,000 to ​1 lakh per ​month. This ​is because the ​portal offers ​a variety of ​services, including ​electricity bills, water ​bills, mobile ​recharge, Aadhaar-related services, ​and banking ​services, among others, ​which you ​can provide to ​the people ​in your village. ​You receive ​a good commission ​for providing ​these services, making ​it a ​lucrative business opportunity.

​How Much ​Will It Cost ​to Open ​a Digital Seva ​Kendra?

If ​you’re interested in ​earning by ​opening a Digital ​Seva Kendra, ​you’ll need to ​invest approximately ​Rs. 50,000 before ​starting. When ​applying for the ​services of ​a Digital Seva ​Kendra, you’ll ​require two computers, ​a printer/scanner, ​a card swipe ​machine, a ​Morpho device, and ​a crucial ​internet connection.

Apart ​from these, ​you’ll need various ​other tools. ​Additionally, to open ​a Digital ​Seva Kendra, you’ll ​need a ​space of 100-150 ​square meters. ​You must also ​have a ​comprehensive knowledge of ​computers. Furthermore, ​there will be ​separate expenses ​for the electricity ​bill. In ​summary, the initial ​cost of ​opening a Digital ​Seva Kendra ​ranges from Rs. ​50,000 to ​Rs. 80,000, taking ​into account ​all these factors.

​Digital Gramin ​Seva Highlights

Scheme ​Name: Digital ​Gramin Seva Kendra ​Kaise Khole ​2023

Initiated By: ​Government of ​India

  • Objective: Provide ​online services ​to rural residents
  • ​Website of ​Digital Gramin Seva ​Kendra: https://digitalgraminseva.in/
  • ​Beneficiaries: Citizens of ​the country
  • ​Benefits: Access to ​all online ​facilities for rural ​residents within ​their villages
  • Cost ​of Opening ​a Digital Gramin ​Seva Kendra: ​Up to Rs. ​50,000
  • Earning ​Potential from Digital ​Gramin Seva ​per Month: Rs. ​50,000 to ​Rs. 1,00,000
  • Digital ​Gramin Seva ​Helpline Number: 8383928391
  • ​Registration Process: ​Online Registration

Commission ​for Master ​Distributors: Earn Rs. ​3,500 for ​every distributor joined are ​the key highlights ​of the ​Digital Gramin Seva ​Kendra, a ​government initiative aimed ​at bringing ​online services to ​the rural ​population. The registration ​process is ​conducted online, and ​opening a ​center involves an ​initial cost ​of up to ​Rs. 50,000. ​The potential earnings ​from Digital ​Gramin Seva range ​from Rs. ​50,000 to Rs. ​1,00,000 per ​month, offering a ​lucrative opportunity ​for individuals to ​contribute to ​digital empowerment in ​rural areas. ​For more information, ​you can ​contact the Digital ​Gramin Seva ​helpline at 8383928391.

​Types of ​Digital Gramin Seva ​Registration | ​Categories of Gramin ​Seva Kendra

​Friends, you can ​register for ​opening a Digital ​Gramin Seva ​Kendra in three ​different categories, ​as mentioned below:

​Retailer Registration:

​This is the ​registration process ​for individuals who ​want to ​become retailers for ​Digital Gramin ​Seva.

Distributor Registration:

​This registration ​is for those ​interested in ​becoming distributors for ​Digital Gramin ​Seva, serving a ​broader area.

​Master Distributor Registration:

​Master Distributor ​registration is for ​individuals aiming ​to play a ​key role ​by becoming master ​distributors, overseeing ​a network of ​distributors.

Choose ​the category that ​aligns with ​your interests and ​business goals ​to start your ​journey with ​Digital Gramin Seva.

​Benefits of ​Digital Gram Seva ​Kendra

The ​Indian government has ​initiated Digital ​Gram Seva Kendra ​to disseminate ​information about schemes ​and other ​services to rural ​areas digitally.

​Any educated citizen ​with computer ​knowledge can register ​online to ​open a Digital ​Gram Seva ​Kendra in their ​village. For ​educated unemployed youth ​in the ​country, the Digital ​Gram Seva ​Kendra presents a ​golden opportunity ​to start their ​own business, ​providing employment opportunities ​in the ​process.

By opening ​a Digital ​Gram Seva Kendra, ​you have ​the potential to ​earn between ​Rs. 50,000 to ​Rs. 1,00,000 ​per month. This ​not only ​benefits you but ​also provides ​employment opportunities to ​the people ​in your village.

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​To avail ​the services offered ​under Digital ​Gram Seva Kendra, ​you need ​to log in ​to the ​Digital Gramin Seva ​Portal after ​registering and obtaining ​your ID ​and password.

Master ​Distributors receive ​a commission of ​Rs. 3,500 ​for every distributor ​they bring ​on board. Additionally, ​distributors earn ​an extra commission ​of Rs. ​50 when they ​enroll a ​retailer.

Digital Gram ​Kendra offers ​a range of ​services, including ​banking services, VAS ​services, travel ​services, PAN card ​services, state ​certificates, GST facilitation, ​and more. ​By providing these ​services to ​the people in ​your village, ​you can generate ​substantial income.

​For any information ​related to ​Digital Gram Seva, ​you can ​contact the government ​helpline at ​Digital Gram Seva ​Helpline Number ​8383928391.

Services Available ​Under Digital ​Seva Kendra | ​Gramin Seva ​Kendra

VAS Services ​(Value-Added Services):


Top-up your ​mobile phones, ​DTH, or other ​prepaid services ​conveniently at the ​Digital Seva ​Kendra.

AEPS (Aadhar ​Enabled Payment ​System):

Utilize Aadhar-based ​payment services ​for secure and ​easy financial ​transactions.

Money Transfer:

​Facilitate money ​transfers for individuals, ​ensuring a ​quick and efficient ​process.

BBPS ​(Bharat Bill Payment ​System):

Make ​various bill payments, ​such as ​utility bills, through ​the Bharat ​Bill Payment System.

​Credit Card ​Bill Payment:

Pay ​your credit ​card bills seamlessly ​at the ​Gramin Seva Kendra.

​Insurance Bill ​Payment:

Conveniently settle ​insurance bills ​and premiums at ​the Digital ​Seva Kendra.

LIC ​Bill Payment:

​Pay your LIC ​premiums hassle-free ​through the Digital ​Seva Kendra.

​Insurance Enrollment:

Enroll ​in insurance ​plans easily, making ​the process ​accessible to everyone.

​These are ​the diverse services ​available under ​the Digital Seva ​Kendra, providing ​a one-stop solution ​for various ​financial transactions and ​bill payments.

​Banking Services Available:

​Hitachi ATM:

​Access banking services ​conveniently through ​Hitachi ATMs.

Micro ​ATM:

Utilize ​Micro ATMs for ​various banking ​transactions at your ​convenience.

Android ​ATM Machine:

Experience ​modern banking ​services through Android ​ATM Machines.

​KIOSK Banking & ​CSP Apply:

​Apply for KIOSK ​banking and ​Customer Service Point ​(CSP) services ​easily.

Prepaid Card ​Apply:

Avail ​of prepaid card services ​by applying ​for them at ​the Gramin ​Seva Kendra.

Online ​Account Opening:

​Open a new ​bank account ​seamlessly through the ​online account ​opening services.


​Explore and ​apply for different ​types of ​loans to meet ​your financial ​needs.

These banking ​services are ​designed to provide ​you with ​a range of ​options for ​your financial transactions, ​ensuring accessibility ​and convenience.

Travel ​Services Available:

​Hotel Booking:

Easily ​book hotels ​for your travels ​through the ​Gramin Seva Kendra.

​Bus Booking:

​Conveniently reserve bus ​tickets for ​your journey at ​the Gramin ​Seva Kendra.

Flight ​Booking:

Plan ​your air travel ​by booking ​flights effortlessly at ​the Gramin ​Seva Kendra.

IRCTC ​(Indian Railway ​Catering and Tourism ​Corporation):

Access ​IRCTC services for ​railway ticket ​bookings and other ​travel-related needs.

​Pan Card:

Apply ​for a ​PAN card through ​the Gramin ​Seva Kendra with ​services provided ​by NSDL (National ​Securities Depository ​Limited) and UTI ​(UTI Infrastructure ​Technology and Services ​Limited).

These ​travel services aim ​to make ​your journey planning ​more accessible ​and streamlined, covering ​aspects from ​accommodation to transportation ​and essential ​documentation.

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State Certificates ​Available:

Income ​Certificate:

Obtain proof ​of income ​through the Income ​Certificate service ​at the Gramin ​Seva Kendra.

​Caste Certificate:

Apply ​for a ​Caste Certificate to ​avail benefits ​based on your ​caste through ​the Gramin Seva ​Kendra.

Death ​& Birth Certificate:

​Access services ​for obtaining Death ​and Birth ​Certificates for official ​documentation.

Domicile ​Certificate:

Apply for ​a Domicile ​Certificate to establish ​your residency ​status through the ​Gramin Seva ​Kendra.

Disability Certificate:

​Obtain a ​Disability Certificate to ​avail of ​benefits and support ​for individuals ​with disabilities.

Other ​Certificates:

Explore ​a range of ​additional certificates ​catering to various ​needs, available ​at the Gramin ​Seva Kendra.

​These state certificates ​serve diverse ​purposes, from confirming ​income levels ​to establishing residency ​and accessing ​specific benefits based ​on caste ​or disability status.

​GST Service ​Center:

New GST ​Registration:

Facilitating ​the registration process ​for businesses ​entering the Goods ​and Services ​Tax (GST) system.

​GST Return ​Services:

Assistance with ​filing GST ​returns to ensure ​compliance with ​tax regulations.

Guild ​Registration:

Support ​for registering new ​companies, and ​helping entrepreneurs establish ​their businesses.

​TDS (Tax Deducted ​at Source):

​Guidance on TDS ​matters, ensuring ​businesses comply with ​tax regulations ​related to deducting ​tax at ​the source.

Visit ​the GST ​Service Center at ​the Gramin ​Seva Kendra for ​comprehensive assistance ​with GST-related processes ​and registrations.

​Other Services:

Voter ​ID Registration:

​Assistance in obtaining ​a Voter ​ID for eligible ​citizens, ensuring ​their participation in ​the democratic ​process.

Driving License:

​Support with ​the application process ​for acquiring ​a Driving License.

​Passport Services:

​Guidance on obtaining ​a Passport ​for travel purposes.

​Food License ​Enrollment:

Assistance in ​enrolling for ​a Food License, ​ensuring compliance ​with food safety ​regulations.


  • ​Support and information ​related to ​online commerce activities.

​EPFO (Employee ​Provident Fund Organization):

  • ​Information and ​assistance regarding EPFO ​matters for ​employees.

Online FIR ​(First Information ​Report):

  • Facilitation ​online FIR ​registration for reporting ​incidents to ​law enforcement authorities.

​Explore a ​range of additional ​services at ​the Gramin Seva ​Kendra to ​address various administrative ​and regulatory ​needs efficiently.

Eligibility ​for Gramin ​Seva Kendra:

To ​open a ​Digital Gramin Seva ​Kendra, you ​must be a ​permanent resident ​of the country. ​Citizens who ​possess comprehensive computer ​knowledge are ​eligible to register ​for opening ​a Gramin Seva ​Kendra. It ​is necessary to ​have a ​suitable space to ​establish the ​center.

Documents Required ​for Opening ​a Gramin Seva ​Kendra:

  • Aadhar ​card
  • Bank account ​passbook
  • The ​mobile number of ​the individual
  • ​Proof of residence
  • ​Age proof
  • ​Marksheet of passed ​class
  • Identity ​proof
  • Ration card ​and PAN ​card
  • Passport-sized photos
  • ​Email ID, ​etc.

Ensure you ​have the ​mentioned documents ready ​for the ​registration process to ​smoothly open ​and operate your ​Gramin Seva ​Kendra.

How to ​Register for ​Digital Gramin Seva ​Kendra Online:

​To initiate the ​registration process ​for opening a ​Gramin Seva ​Kendra, you first ​need to ​visit the official ​website of ​the Digital Gramin ​Seva Portal. ​Once there, the ​home page ​of the website ​will appear ​on your screen.

​The home ​page of the ​website provides ​information about the ​services available ​under the Gramin ​Seva Kendra ​and other related ​centers. Additionally, ​you will find ​three different ​options for registration ​at the ​bottom of the ​page:

Join ​As A Retailer

​Join As ​A Distributor

Join ​As A ​Super Distributor

Choose ​the type ​of Gramin Seva ​Kendra you ​want to apply ​for and ​click on its ​name. After ​clicking, a new ​page will ​open with further ​details for ​you to proceed ​with the ​registration.

On this ​new page, ​you will find ​the online ​registration form for ​Gramin Seva ​Kendra. You need ​to fill ​in all the ​requested information ​accurately. Here are ​the steps:

  • ​Provide the name ​of your ​shop.
  • Enter your ​name and ​mobile number.
  • Fill ​in your ​email ID.
  • Select ​the name ​of your state ​and city.
  • ​Enter your Aadhaar ​card number ​and PAN card ​number.
  • Provide ​the correct details ​of your ​shop’s address.

After ​that, you ​need to select ​the type ​of participation you ​desire. Once ​you have chosen ​your preferred ​type, click on ​the “Submit” ​button below. In ​this way, ​you can complete ​the online ​registration process to ​open a ​Gramin Seva Kendra ​in your ​area.

To log ​in to ​the Gramin Seva ​Kendra portal, ​follow these steps:

​Visit the ​official website of ​the Digital ​Gramin Seva Portal.

  • ​Once you’re ​on the home ​page of ​the website, you’ll ​find a ​”Login” button at ​the top. ​Click on this ​button, and ​a new page ​will open.
  • ​On the new ​page, you’ll ​see a login ​form for ​the Digital Gramin ​Seva portal. ​Fill in your ​user ID ​and password in ​the respective ​fields.
  • After entering ​your credentials, ​fill in the ​provided captcha ​code.
  • Click on ​the “Login” ​button.

By following ​these steps, ​you will successfully ​log in ​to the Gramin ​Seva Kendra ​portal on the ​Digital Gramin ​Seva website.

Visit ​the official ​website of the ​Digital Gramin ​Seva Portal.

  • Once ​you’re on ​the home page ​of the ​website, scroll down ​to find ​the logo of ​the mobile ​app. It will ​be displayed ​in a section ​that looks ​like the image ​shown below.
  • ​Click on the ​app’s logo, ​and you will ​be redirected ​to the Play ​Store. A ​new page will ​open in ​front of you, ​as shown ​in the image.
  • ​On this ​new page, you ​will see ​the mobile app. ​To download ​it, click on ​the “Install” ​button.
  • By following ​these steps, ​you can easily ​download the ​Gramin Seva Kendra ​mobile app ​from the Play ​Store through ​the official Digital ​Gramin Seva ​Portal.

For individuals ​in India ​who aspire to ​open a ​Gramin Seva Kendra ​in their ​area and seek ​information related ​to the Digital ​Gram Seva ​Kendra, the government ​has provided ​a Gramin Seva ​Kendra Helpline ​Number. If you ​have any ​queries or need ​information regarding ​the services offered ​by the ​Digital Gram Seva ​Kendra, you ​can contact the ​helpline at ​8383928391. Feel free ​to call ​this number to ​inquire about ​any details or ​assistance related ​to Gramin Seva ​Kendra.

FAQs ​about opening a ​Gramin Seva ​Kendra:

Q: What ​is a ​Gramin Seva Kendra?

​A: Gramin ​Seva Kendra is ​an online ​portal initiated by ​the Indian ​government, integrating nearly ​all schemes ​to connect people ​in rural ​areas.

Q: How ​much does ​it cost to ​open a ​Digital Seva Kendra?

​A: The ​initial cost to ​start a ​Gramin Seva Kendra ​is approximately ​Rs. 50,000 to ​80,000, including ​expenses for space, ​electricity, two ​computers, a printer/scanner, ​card swipe ​machine, Morpho device, ​internet connection, ​etc.

Q: What ​commission is ​earned in a ​Digital Seva ​Kendra?

A: Master ​Distributors receive ​a commission of ​Rs. 3,500 ​for adding Distributors, ​and Distributors ​get an additional ​commission of ​Rs. 50 for ​adding Retailers.

​Q: How much ​space is ​needed to open ​a Gramin ​Seva Kendra?

A: ​To open ​a Gramin Seva ​Kendra, you ​need a minimum ​of 100-150 ​square meters of ​space.

Q: ​How much can ​one earn ​by opening a ​Digital Gramin ​Seva Kendra?

A: ​Entrepreneurs who ​start their business ​through Gramin ​Seva Kendra, targeting ​educated unemployed ​youth in rural ​areas, can ​earn between Rs. ​50,000 to ​Rs. 1,00,000 per ​month.

Q: ​What are the ​services provided ​at Gramin Seva ​Kendra?

A: ​Gramin Seva Kendra ​offers various ​services, including VAS ​services, banking ​services, travel services, ​GST customer ​service centers, PAN ​cards, state ​certificates, and more.

​Q: Who ​can open a ​Gramin Seva ​Kendra?

A: Anyone ​in the ​country who is ​literate and ​has computer knowledge ​can register ​to open a ​Gramin Seva ​Kendra.

Q: What ​is the ​official website of ​Gramin Seva ​Kendra?

A: The ​official website ​for registering to ​open a ​Gramin Seva Kendra ​is https://digitalgraminseva.in/.

Digital ​Gramin Seva Registration ​2023: The ​Government of India ​is actively ​promoting digitization by ​introducing various ​online service portals. ​Recently, it ​launched the Digital ​Gramin Seva ​portal with the ​aim of ​providing citizens with ​multiple services ​on a single ​platform. This ​initiative allows educated ​youth across ​the country to ​open service ​centers and offer ​various…

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