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Nivesh Mitra

Nivesh Mitra is designed to be a user friendly web application focused on entrepreneurs, aiming to simplify the process of obtaining online clearances and approvals from relevant government departments. Whether you’re an existing investor or a prospective entrepreneur, this platform streamlines the application process, eliminating the need for extensive physical visits.

Entrepreneurs, regardless of the scale of their industry, are required to submit application forms through this system. The application fees can be conveniently paid online through various channels, including Internet Banking and Rajkosh. Nivesh Mitra also offers an online monitoring feature, allowing users to track the status of their applications within specified timeframes. This approach ensures a systematic and timely clearance process, reducing the need for entrepreneurs to navigate multiple departments in person.

Nivesh Mitra goes beyond the application process by providing comprehensive information, including government orders, process flows from relevant departments, user manuals, and guidelines. Importantly, this web application is applicable across states, making it a unified platform for entrepreneurs across different regions.

Visionary Goals of Nivesh Mitra:

Striving for a Comprehensive Industrial Landscape by Embracing Progressive Regulations, Streamlined Systems, and Measurable Timelines

Mission Objectives of Nivesh Mitra:

  • Simplifying and Enhancing UserFriendly Compliances
  • Spearheading Regulatory Reforms for Effective Governance
  • Facilitating Investor Processes with Greater Ease
  • Ensuring the Delivery of Transparent and Quality Services
  • Achieving EndtoEnd Digitization of Departmental Processes

The objective of Nivesh Mitra:

The primary aim of the system is to enhance the ‘ease of doing business in Uttar Pradesh’ by offering entrepreneurs a transparent, electronic platform for the online submission and tracking of applications, along with a seamless online fee payment process. Serving as a unified gateway, the Nivesh Mitra Portal acts as a one-stop solution for Information, NOCs, Licenses, and Approvals, providing a streamlined and timebound clearance system.

Renewal and Amendment Process on Nivesh Mitra Portal: A StepbyStep Guide

1. Start by visiting and click on “Register here.”

2. Complete the signup form, ensuring you verify your mobile number and email ID.

3. Log in using the credentials sent to your email and create a new password.

4. Log in again using the new password.

5. Fill out the common application form, updating both personal and entrepreneurial details.

6. Click on “New Unit Details,” provide the necessary information, and verify your mobile number and email ID.

7. Navigate to “Apply for Permission/NOC/License” and select the relevant unit.

8. Tick the checkbox next to the Department of Labour and choose the renewal/amendment service.

9. Click on “Fill/view form.”

10. Enter the registration number and input the OTP.

11. Complete the form, click on the “Calculate Fee” button, and submit it.

12. Proceed to payment by clicking “Proceed for payment” and then using the “Go Back” button on the top right of the page.

13. Click on “Pay consolidated fee” on the left panel and proceed with the payment.

The UP Nivesh Mitra, introduced by the Uttar Pradesh Government, acts as a centralized portal, streamlining processes for entrepreneurs and businesses. Offering seventy services from twenty different departments in Uttar Pradesh, the portal caters to various needs related to businesses and industries. This article provides a detailed guide on the step-by-step procedure for renewal and amendment through the UP Nivesh Mitra portal.

The objective of the Portal:

The central goal of the portal is to simplify business operations by providing entrepreneurs with an electronic and transparent system. This system allows for the seamless online submission and tracking of applications, including online fee payment. The emphasis is on expediting business and company registrations, stream lining the process of starting a business in the state. The Uttar Pradesh government is particularly keen on attracting investments to the state, aiming to create job opportunities and foster economic growth.

Vision of UP Nivesh Mitra:

The vision is to actively contribute to the comprehensive development of an industry friendly environment. This involves continuous regulatory processes, an efficient system, and the implementation of useful and measurable timelines. The overarching goal is to create an ecosystem that supports and enhances the growth of industries in Uttar Pradesh.

Overview of UP Nivesh Mitra:

UP Nivesh Mitra stands as a centralized gateway, streamlining the processes for entrepreneurs and businesses within the state. This comprehensive portal serves as a onestop destination, offering a range of approvals, application forms, consolidated fee payment options, and real time status monitoring. Notably, the portal facilitates the acquisition of necessary certificates and no objection certificates, all conveniently accessible online.

Whether it’s startups, individual entrepreneurs, or established firms and companies, they can seamlessly apply for their required certificates through the online platform. Upon approval, candidates can effortlessly download their digitally signed certifications directly from the website. Acting as a single window system, UP Nivesh Mitra goes beyond providing approvals; it extends full facilitation and support to investors, offering a seamless experience for starting or operating businesses within the state.

Portal Highlights:

UP Nivesh Mitra is dedicated to the following objectives:

  •  Simplifying and enhancing user friendly compliances
  •  Enforcing regulatory reforms
  •  Facilitating investor processes with ease
  •  Delivering quality services in a transparent manner
  •  Providing end-to-end digitalization of departmental processes

Services Offered by the Portal:

The UP Nivesh Mitra portal acts as a unified platform for seamless business operations. Operating with a commitment to a timebound and transparent process, the portal aims to attract businesses not only from across the country but also from foreign nations. The range of services provided by the portal includes:

Government Departments and Authorities Covered:

  •  Labour, Stamp, and Registration
  •  Forest
  •  Environment
  •  Public Works
  •  Food Safety and Drugs Administration
  •  Energy
  •  Urban Development
  •  Housing
  •  Revenue
  •  Excise
  •  Legal Metrology
  •  Registrar – Firms, Societies, and Chits
  •  Electrical Inspectorate
  •  Fire
  •  UP State Industrial Development Corporation (UPSIDC)
  •  Pradeshiya Industrial and Investment Corporation (PICUP)
  •  NOIDA
  •  Greater NOIDA
  •  Yamuna Expressways Industrial Development Authority (YEIDA)

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Features of UP Nivesh Mitra Portal:

The UP Nivesh Mitra Portal offers a range of features designed to streamline and simplify the business processes in the state. Here are the key characteristics:

1. Electronic Transparency:

Enables online submission, tracking of application status, and online fee payment through a transparent electronic system.

2. Payment Options:

Allows fee payments via Internet banking, Rajkosh, and various online payment methods.

3. EntrepreneurFriendly:

Simplifies business procedures, serving as a userfriendly application for entrepreneurs.

4. OneStop Solution:

Acts as a comprehensive platform for investor onboarding, offering a single point for various requirements.

5. TimeBound Services:

Ensures timebound delivery of government regulatory services.

6. Common Application Form (CAF):

 Provides a Common Application Form for preestablishment and preoperation clearances and approvals.

7. AutoPopulation of Data:

Autopopulates details from CAF into clearancespecific application forms.

8. Online Fee Payment:

Facilitates online payment of application processing fees.

9. Digitally Signed NOC:

Allows users to download the final approved digitally signed No Objection Certificate (NOC) in PDF format.

10. Know Your Approvals:

Features a ‘Know Your Approvals’ tool to help investors understand the required approvals.

11. Integration with Departments:

Seamlessly integrates with concerned departments, providing a cohesive experience.

12. Status Visibility:

Enables online status viewing and clarification of objections by entrepreneurs.

13. Comprehensive Information:

Provides relevant information, government orders, process flows, user manuals, and guidelines for all concerned departments.

14. Time and Effort Savings:

Reduces the need for repeated visits to different departments that are unnecessary.

15. Timelines Reduction:

Helps in minimizing the timelines for clearances and approvals.

16. Online Access and Submission:

Allows for online access, document submission, and processing of application forms for starting industries and enterprises.

17. Automatic Notifications:

Sends automatic SMS and email responses to entrepreneurs at each stage of the application process.

18. Online Monitoring:

Facilitates online monitoring of applications at the District, Divisional, and State levels.

19. Grievance Redressal:

Provides provisions for grievance redressal and online feedback submission on draft government policies.

20. Help Desk Facility:

Offers a Help Desk facility at District Industries Centres to provide necessary assistance.

21. Guidelines and Process Details:

 Enables online access to guidelines and process details for clearances.

22. Application Tracking with Color Coding:

Allows tracking of applications with color coding to highlight those exceeding the time limit.

Registration Procedure:

Entrepreneurs and corporations can without problems sign in at the EODB platform and proceed to apply for approvals, clearances, and certificates. Here’s a step-with the aid of-step guide:

Step 1: Log in to Entrepreneur Registration

– Begin through logging into the entrepreneur registration portal.

Step 2: Enter the Details

– Fill in the required information on the portal, which include:

  – Company/Enterprise name

  – User’s call

  – Email ID

  – Mobile number

  – Contact Details

– After offering the important statistics, click at the "Register" button to complete the registration process.

Step 3: Apply for Certificates

– Once logged in, customers can seamlessly practice for various certificate and approvals wanted for their enterprise.

This streamlined registration process ensures that marketers and businesses can effortlessly get right of entry to and utilize the EODB platform for his or her approval and certification requirements.

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Q: How to use the ‘Nivesh Mitra’ Portal?

A: To use the Nivesh Mitra portal, entrepreneurs need to visit On the portal’s Entrepreneur Login, click on the ‘Register Here’ button.

Q: What are the advantages of applying through ‘Nivesh Mitra’?

A: Applying through Nivesh Mitra offers several advantages, including:

– Single frontend portal interface across multiple departments for global access

– Transparent, unified, one-stop solution with time-bound service delivery

– Investor onboarding without physical interaction with various departments

– Online application submission, payments, tracking of status, approvals, and issuance of certificates

– Comprehensive checklist of all requisite approvals

– Information wizard for pre-establishment and pre-operation clearances

– Common Application Form (CAF) to capture common information only once

– Time, cost, and energy savings as repeated visits to different departments are not required

– Automatic SMS and email responses to entrepreneurs at each stage

– Dashboard view of approvals, clearances in the pipeline, etc.

– Two-way interaction on a digital platform between entrepreneurs and departments

– Channel for routing queries and interacting with departments for additional documentation

– Third-party verification of certificates/licenses

Q: How to apply for electricity service through Nivesh Mitra?

A: To apply for electricity service on Nivesh Mitra:

1. Log in with the provided ID and password.

2. Check the Dashboard for the status of applied services.

3. Click on “Apply for Permissions/NOCs/License” to apply for the service.

4. Select the unit and the respective department and service.

5. Click “Proceed” and fill the required form.

6. Submit the form to successfully apply for the service on Nivesh Mitra.

Q: How can payments be made?

A: Entrepreneurs can make payments towards processing fees online through Internet Banking or offline at specific bank branches.

Q: For which department can Nivesh Mitra be used?

A: Nivesh Mitra currently covers the following government departments:

– Directorate of Industries

– Pollution Control Board

– Commercial Tax

– Power

– Excise

– Factories

– Labour

– Fire

– Electrical Safety

– Food & Drug Administration

– Forest

Q: What is the helpline number for Nivesh Mitra Portal?

A: The helpline number is 05222238902, and the email address is [email protected].

Q: If an entrepreneur has a query regarding electricity connection, whom to contact?

A: Entrepreneurs can contact the Electricity helpline at 1912 or reach out to the Executive Engineer in their area. Contact details for all Executive Engineers are available on

Nivesh Mitra is designed to be a user friendly web application focused on entrepreneurs, aiming to simplify the process of obtaining online clearances and approvals from relevant government departments. Whether you’re an existing investor or a prospective entrepreneur, this platform streamlines the application process, eliminating the need for extensive physical visits. Entrepreneurs, regardless of the…

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