Guide to SBI Bank Hours: Opening, Closing, Lunch, and Saturday Schedule

SBI Bank

Do you preserve an account with SBI? If you do, the probability is you may need to go to your local SBI bank Hours branch for diverse offerings like money transfers, coin deposits, withdrawals, cheque deposits, and more. Before heading to the bank, it is essential to understand whether it is open or not.

To do this, you will need to be aware of SBI bank Hours timings, which include working hours on weekdays and weekends. If you find yourself needing to deal with banking matters in the afternoon, knowing the SBI working days and timings turns into even more essential, especially for those with busy schedules.

Not being aware of SBI lunchtime could bring about unnecessary waiting if you visit the financial institution at the same time as the personnel is on lunch destroy. This may be a massive waste of time and energy. To avoid such inconveniences, it’s beneficial to be informed about SBI timings. In this newsletter, we provide complete facts about SBI Bank Timings, which includes weekend and weekday schedules, working hours, and extra. Take a glance. 

SBI Bank Hours Unveiled

The State Bank of India, a distinguished banking organization with over 24,000 branches nationwide, affords a wide range of monetary products and services. Whether you’re seeking out statistics on loans, want to behavior transactions, or discover numerous banking services, a visit to your nearest SBI department is critical.

With millions of SBI customers carrying out banking sports throughout India, it is crucial to word that no department operates 24/7. Therefore, having a grasp of SBI timings on both weekdays and weekends is critical. The key to having access to those services lies in understanding the SBI Bank Timings.

Consider this state of affairs: you’re interested in applying for a private loan, home mortgage, or vehicle mortgage. To accumulate records approximately the mortgage kind, required files, and other information, you may need to connect to the respective bank govt. However, you can not be sure of their availability. Additionally, unique SBI offerings including RTGS, NEFT, and others perform within unique time slots. The establishing and final instances of SBI branches can vary.

To smoothly conduct a wide range of banking transactions at any SBI branch, knowing the SBI timings is vital. In this newsletter, we define the operating hours, establishing and closing instances, lunch breaks, and more. Dive in for all of the information.4

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SBI Bank Information

Let’s explore some key details about the State Bank of India across the nation

1) Branches of SBI: There are 22,000 domestic branches.
2) ATMs of SBI:There are 62,612 ATMs nationwide.
3) SBI Employees:There are 2,45,642 Employees.

SBI Bank Hours and Operating Schedule

With lots of branches spread throughout numerous towns in India, SBI efficaciously conducts its banking operations, aiming to provide seamless offerings to clients. Many individuals choose to go to the bank branch closest to their house to finish their banking tasks directly.

Knowing the precise closing time of the SBI financial institution department allows you to devise your go-to without the need to rush. The business hours at SBI Bank can range primarily based on factors inclusive of the branch’s area, daily patron footfall, patron statuses, and more. For example, if an excessive-internet-worth enterprise individual arrives, the financial institution personnel prioritize serving such customers even at some stage in peak hours.

On average, SBI operates for six hours a day, and this popular running time applies to all SBI branches across India. The SBI Bank opens its doors between 09:30 AM to 10:00 AM, and the final time is from 03:30 PM to 04:00 PM. It’s vital to note that those particular SBI timings are consistently handiest on weekdays, from Monday to Saturday.

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Opening Time10:00 AM
Closing Time04:00 PM
Working Days Monday to Saturday
SBI Bank Saturday Timings (2nd & 4th Saturday) Closed
SBI Bank Timings on Saturday (1st, 3rd & 5th Saturday)9.00 AM to 12.30 PM 1.30 PM to 3.30 PM
Working Saturdays 1st, 3rd, and 5th

SBI Bank Weekend Hours

During weekends, specifically on Saturdays, SBI Bank typically operates between 10 AM and 4 PM. However, it’s important to note that under certain circumstances, such as during the COVID-19 lockdown, the government may alter the bank timings on weekdays (Monday to Friday) to be from 09:00 AM to 12:30 PM.

In normal situations, the bank adheres to its regular schedule, facilitating various banking transactions with its customers. The SBI Saturday timings usually mirror those of weekdays, spanning from 10:00 AM to 04:00 PM. This remains consistent across different SBI branches, unless unforeseen events, like the unexpected global developments we’ve been witnessing since 2020, prompt changes.

SBI Lunch Break

With SBI employees working for a total of 6 hours, their lunch break is relatively brief. In just 30 minutes, banking personnel must complete their lunch to efficiently serve the numerous customers waiting at various branches. Notably, SBI’s lunch timings differ slightly from those of other banks in India.

The official SBI lunchtime is scheduled between 02:30 PM and 03:00 PM. In contrast to most nationalized banks in India, which typically have a lunchtime slot between 01:30 PM to 02:00 PM or 02:00 PM to 02:30 PM, SBI follows a different schedule—starting later compared to its counterparts.

To ensure seamless service, when one group of employees goes for lunch, an alternate group takes over their responsibilities promptly, minimizing any inconvenience for customers. This efficient rotation is one of the convenient features provided by SBI to its staff.

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SBI Bank Lunch Timings

02:30 PM to 03:00 PM

SBI NEFT/RTGS Service Hours

SBI affords its clients brilliant banking offerings, such as NEFT (National Electronic Funds Transfer) and RTGS (Real Time Gross Settlement). These digital fee mechanisms are notably powerful for undertaking numerous banking transactions, consisting of shifting funds between banks.

Customers usually get entry to NEFT and RTGS services through SBI Internet Banking or SBI Mobile Banking. Whether moving the budget between distinctive SBI branches or from SBI to some other bank, these offerings are widely utilized. In addition to online transfers, clients also can use NEFT and RTGS services offline by way of traveling to the nearest bank branch.

For the ones seeking to use the NEFT/RTGS fund switch service offline on the branch, it is crucial to be aware of SBI’s exact timings. SBI normally allocates particular times exclusively for NEFT and RTGS transactions. In this newsletter, we provide details about SBI NEFT Timings and SBI RTGS Timings. Take a glance!

SBI NEFT Service Hours

NEFT, or National Electronic Funds Transfer, is a service that allows clients to switch funds between two exclusive banks, shifting money from one financial institution account to some other. NEFT transactions have no set minimum or most limit for the switch amount. It commonly takes no less than 2 hours for NEFT transactions to be processed and credited to the beneficiary account.

Here are the SBI NEFT Funds Transfer Timings:

Monday to Saturday: 08:00 AM to 07:00 PM

Unavailable on Sundays and Bank Holidays

On the other hand, RTGS, or Real Time Gross Settlement, is another inter-banking electronic fund transfer system. There’s a specific limit for the amount that can be transferred through RTGS—only transactions exceeding Rs. 2 Lakh are eligible. RTGS transactions are processed instantly

SBI RTGS Funds Transfer Hours

For RTGS or Real Time Gross Settlement, the fund transfer service is available during the following hours:

Monday to Friday and Working Saturdays: 07:00 AM to 06:00 PM

Unavailable on Sundays and Bank Holidays

If you’re considering using SBI Bank Lockers, they operate during specific hours, from 09:30 AM to 04:00 PM. Even on bank holidays and Sundays, SBI extends special services to customers. Some of the key services available 24×7 include ATM services, IMPS facility, UPI payment transactions, internet banking, mobile banking, cheque drop-boxes at various locations in the city, cheque drop provision at several SBI ATMs, and more.”

In Conclusion

That wraps up all the essential details you need to be aware of regarding SBI bank timings at various branches across the country. Armed with this information, you can conveniently decide when to visit the SBI bank branch nearest to you. Hopefully, this guide has provided the information you were seeking. We’ve covered all the crucial aspects of SBI timings, including opening and closing times, working hours, lunchtime, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What time does SBI open?

A. SBI Bank opens its doorways at 9:00 a.m. and there will be moderate versions in this time in some instances.

Q. When is SBI bank near?

A. SBI bank branches are commonly near at 3:30 p.m., and there might be occasional extensions of this last time.

Q. Is SBI open on Wednesdays?

A. Yes, SBI is open on Wednesdays. The financial institution is commonly closed on public holidays and Sundays.

Q. What are the closing hours of SBI Bank on Saturdays?

A. SBI Bank, like several industrial and public regional banks in the United States of America, is closed on the second and fourth Saturdays of each month. If a national vacation falls on the primary, 0.33, or 5th Saturday, the financial institution can be closed on that day as nicely.

Q. Is SBI Bank closed for lunch?

A. Employees typically take a lunch smash, but if you’re lucky, a change cashier (if available) would possibly assist you with your queries or provide a few monetary offerings in the course of lunch.

Do you preserve an account with SBI? If you do, the probability is you may need to go to your local SBI bank Hours branch for diverse offerings like money transfers, coin deposits, withdrawals, cheque deposits, and more. Before heading to the bank, it is essential to understand whether it is open or not. To…

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